Silencio – no hablar, Habla si!

*Kirjoitus sisältää tuotemerkkejä ja hintatietoja

Silence is golden, is a common saying. Sometimes it is really true, for instance when resting or just having a tasty food and wine combination! Then is better to enjoy. Nowadays it is recommendable if you happen to have that feeling don’t miss it!

Think that your hard days week is behind. It is Saturday and you are heating in your cottage oven with wood! You go village shop and familiar shop owner offers you fresh lamb chops. The only solution is to carpe diem, take the chops and start making your well-earned meal!


Owen in you cabin is heating. It takes an hour or two when its’s ready for cooking. That gives you time to open your wine bottle and let it breathe, maybe have a little sip!

P1270882 pieni

Later on let the meat and Syrah wine give you a sensation that at the latest turns down any speech!

Habla is red Syrah wine from Extremadura, ageing in French oak in 12 months, made with organic viticulture. Colour is garnet, on the nose blend of exotic fruits and aromatic, long taste! Wine speaks for its self. True Habla!

Text: Heikki Remes

Photos: Eeva Remes


  • Jari Holopainen

    The bottle shape looks also nice.

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